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Free entrance at the Royal coin museum

Old coins and money, a summer exhibition for the family! Don’t miss seeing the museum‘s collection of moneyboxes. Free admission until 25 August! Museum is open between 11:00 to 17:00. Learn about the importance of money by going with our guided tours in summer. Daily from June 18 to August 17. Free In English: at […]

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Where to pee in Stockholm?

Stockholm is a expensive city if you have to pee sometimes. But more important is, can you find a suitable place for a pee? Here’s what one of these wonderful places can look like. Be prepared with a suitable amount of coins to pay for the luxury of peeing in Stockholm. By the way, it’s […]

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Fake coins in Stockholm

Check your 1 krona coins very carefully when you get change back after buying things in Stockholm. There is a new forgery of this coin in circulation. And if you are lucky enough to find one, keep it, it could be quite rare and might even get to be a collectors item. Now why would […]

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