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Saffron in cakes, a Swedish luxury ingredient

Saffron, a Swedish luxury ingredient In stores in Sweden, ordinary saffron costs approximately 20 SEK for half a gram, which translates into a kilo price of about 40,000 SEK. This makes Saffron by far the most expensive spice in our shops. In order to produce one kilogram of saffron, it would take approximately 170,000 saffron […]

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Stockholm – day before Christmas

What are Swedish people doing on the day before Christmas? Queuing up for the Delicatessen & Fish shop of course. Not everybody have time to make their own herring, ham, meatballs, gravy Salmon that needs to be on the Swedish Christmas table. The solution is to go to somebody who makes the best home cooking […]

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Lucia at Skansen Christmas in Stockholm

On the 13th of December you should try to get a glimpse of the Lucia tradition where girls and boys march and sing with candles. If you are a Nobel prize winner you will be woken up by a nice Lucia caravan but otherwise try to find it somewhere by yourself. One such place is […]

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Best Swedish Christmas food & tables

What is Swedish Christmas food? Well it consists of dishes that are mainly easy to store since in the old days there were no refrigerators, everything had to be stored and last during the long winter. Some meat and fish dishes could be fresh and hunted in time for the Christmas dinner. Traditional dishes are […]

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Best Christmas food in Stockholm

Where to buy your Christmas food in Stockholm? Some of the best places are in Östermalmshallen, Hötorgshallen, and a lovely small grocery shop in Södermalm called Cajsa Warg. Here is a picture from Cajsa Warg. Now they have a wonderful selection of Christmas food, ham, sausages, cheese, Swedish Julmust and other must have food items […]

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