Stockholm soon in flames?

| 2015-10-20 | 0 Comments

stockholm stadshus fire

6 months ago Sweden and Stockholm was a business as usual place, problems here and there and a lot of thoughts on how we should and could help people in war zones around the world but mostly life was going on as usual. Today the situation is a little different. The refugee crisis in Europe has reached Sweden and had an incredible impact. All social services like police, social welfare and providers of housing for refugees are on their knees helping all the people coming to Sweden. In this crisis now more and more refugee housings are burnt down by people who do not welcome all the refugees to Sweden. Where it all will end nobody knows but Sweden and Europe is changing quickly right now. Stockholm had problems with criminals in the well known so called no-go suburb zones surronding Stockholm before but it was mainly smaller car and school fires every now and then. This is different and a serious display of unrest that might grow in Sweden. Let’s all do our best to enjoy the beautiful city that Stockholm actually is!

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