Stockholm open air city market

stockholm today open air market

2 thoughts on “Stockholm open air city market

  1. You give neither the address nor a map link nor bus lines …
    How do I get to this place ? Hötorget !
    Please think of us foreigners who can’t read the signs which are ! in Swedish !

    1. Hi thanks for your comment, it’s appreciated. You put the finger on a little dilemma. We really enjoy writing small special tips about Stockholm that sometimes will not reach the more mainstream tourist information sites. However, this is not a big commercial site, and most visitors do actually not follow links from sponsors or advertisers which means that the revenue from the site is usually only about enough for a cup of coffee once a month. So, with more revenue we could spend a lot more time writing even more detailed tips but until then we write as much as time allows us. Please use Google maps or Stockholm public transport site to find the places we write about.

      Enjoy Stockholm!

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