Stockholm e-bikes rental system

Best way to get around in Stockholm is by bike. Now there is a great option for biking around Stockholm city.

The new Stockholm e-bikes are a perfect and almost free way of transportation. On a rainy day you can find them everywhere. On a sunny day they might be a bit harder to find but keep looking, they are somewhere.

You pay a maximum of 35 SEK for a 90 minute ride if you buy the monthly plan. During these 30 days you do not need to pay again unless you use the bike for more than 90 minutes in one go. You can take a new bike as many times as you like. Now if that is to expensive for you, use the 24 hour rental for as little as 11 SEK.

Try it! it’s fun as well as a good exercise. Some of the bikes are not well treated by less careful people so every once in a while you will find a lemon too. But keep looking and you shall find what you are looking for.

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