Romance, dating and marriage with Swedish men

Romance, dating and marriage with Swedish men – a few tips

There are a lot of stereotypes going around concerning Swedish men and yes, they are all true, to some extent.

Swedish men are basically like this:

  1. A little bit harder to get the first contact
  2. A little more shy than American or south European men
  3. Not as good at flirting and doing small talk
  4. Honest and faithful etc. etc.
  5. The best potential husbands in the world

Some of this comes down to positive things like the fact that Swedish men consider women their equals, the equality part between genders is very important in Sweden. Of course it’s a little more difficult to be both equal and also play the man, woman game successfully at the same time but Swedish men try to learn and are getting better and better.

The Swedish man also came out as the best potential husband you can find according to a study in the Journal of Population Economics. This might not be true if all you are after is the money, getting a rich man might be easier in some of the worlds more vibrant capitals like New York, London, Tokyo or Beijing.

An other important factor is that the behavior of men in Sweden could be divided into several different groups based on their origin.

The first group is the native, mostly blond or light brown hair guy, and many times rather tall guys who really fit’s the stereotype description of the Swedish man best. These are the men who have given Sweden a good reputation of having men who focus on equality and are willing to let their woman blooming out in her full potential in a life of equal opportunities.

The second group is the second generation men who have lived in Sweden their whole life but have a slightly different cultural background from their family homes. These men can be a little less equal in their thinking and fits the stereotype role only to about 75%.

The third group are immigrated men living in Sweden but from cultures where women are more oppressed and who do not yet share the equal thinking made famous by the first group of Swedish men.

So taking this whole picture into account makes it a lot more complex trying to find a formula for how men in Sweden nowadays behave together with women. Keep an open mind and at the same time consider the stereotype behaviors for best success in communicating with the Swedish men you meet in Sweden.

Also consider the fact that Swedish men can have a completely different behavior when visiting other countries where the culture of Sweden does not dictate how they interact with women. The same goes for Swedish men when they drink to much alcohol to fast.

Based on these very simplified different stereotypes your best bet is to first decide which kind of Swedish man you would want to date and then adjust your ways of looking for Mr. Right.

What are your best tips for hooking up with that wonderful, tall, blonde, strong and kind Swedish man? Why not share your story of how you met and hooked up with a Swedish man, click here to got to blog post about dating Swedish men.

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