Riots in Sweden

stockholm stadshus fire
stockholm stadshus fire

During Easter holiday there have been several riots in Sweden. Large groups of mainly immigrants clashed with the police who refrained from using violence and instead backed off to protect themselves. Several police officers were injured and many vehicles were damaged and burned.

The origins of the problems seems to have been a questionable exposing of the freedom of speech which is stipulated in the Swedish law. A danish man wanted to make a demonstration were he burned the Koran and many Muslim immigrants could not accept this even though it took place in Sweden.

There were no immediate danger to civilians in Sweden but the whole event has led to fierce discussions about what can be allowed in freedom of speech. The conclusion might be that the burning of all religious symbols are questionable and that even though this is provoking there is of course no right in Sweden were you can attack the Swedish police and also destroy property.

What will follow is probably a lot of debate on how to solve this in the Swedish way of mutual understanding. Hopefully it can solve the problem though many people now want to see much stricter policy’s towards violent demonstrators in Sweden.

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