Most popular fashion blog in Sweden – Kenza

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Fashion is always a hot topic so blogging about it is a great way to get attention. Kenza who was born in Sweden about 23 years ago knows this.

She also hosted her own web show Kenza & Tyra Show and now the blog “Kenzas” has become one of Sweden’s most viewed blogs.

She is also a model and has worked with several companies in Sweden like JC. She’s been on the cover of the magazine Café which usually has a bit of nudity in it. Kenza Zouiten is currently a model for Elite Model Management

She has been at it for quite a while, in 2008 she won an award for “Best blog of the year”. In 2009 she won “Fashion blog of the year” and in February 2012 Zouiten won “Best international blog” award at the Bloglovin Awards in New York, USA.

Kenza Z stockholm today

Go check it out

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