Play in Stockholm

stockhomtoday play in Stockholm

stockhomtoday play in StockholmIf you bring kids to Stockholm they should have some quality time of their own of course. So where to go? Well this must be one of the best places, a play day the kids won’t forget!

This fun park is built up like the old parts of Stockholm, Södermalm, there are all the right places, the local smith, housing and the natural toilets that where what was available then.
At the time Stockholm and Södermalm especially was a place for the poor people, the very opposite is true today. This fun park is maintained by the city so it’s free for all to visit.

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  1. Hi, I have visited your splendid city twice, both in winter and in summer and, I can say that I was delighted by both the beauty of the places and the efficiency of the services, I am seriously thinking of moving to live there with you , the rest of my days … Congratulations ……

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