Obama Stockholm syndrome

obama stockholm traffic

Expect enormous traffic problems during president Obamas Stockholm visit!

Whole areas of Stockholm city will be closed off and since Obama will stay at Stockholm Grand Hotel even boats outside will be stopped so you might have to find the popular sightseeing boat trips in different locations. No smaller flights or balloons will be allowed in the Stockholm airspace during the visit.

So, if you are lucky/unlucky enough to be in Stockholm at the same time as the worlds most dangerous man (if you look at the enormous police operations surrounding the event) you will have to make good plans for how to get around and to and from the airport.

The main road E4 for going to and from the airport will be completely shut off during the Obama transports and that will of course create huge traffic jams that will take hours to loosen up.

The best tips would be to use the Arlanda Airport Express train or the standard Airport train from Stockholm central station to get to and from the airport on the 4th and the 5th of September.

You can find some Stockholm traffic information here

So where will Obama stay during the visit? It is most likely that he is opting for the Grand Hotel royal suit called Prinsess Lilians svit that is 330 square meters and has 2 bedrooms, living room, library, kitchen, a relaxation area and a small movie saloon. Cost is about $ 11000 per night.

Obama has his own food ingredients and chefs with him but he still will try the famous Swedish meatballs. There will be a Swedish chef cooking and beside him Obamas chefs will be doing the exact same food specially made but safe enough for the President. Wow! how lucky we are to not be Presidents, at least some of the time!

obama stockholm traffic

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