Northern Lights in Stockholm

Aurora Borealis norrsken Stockholm

To be able to see the Northern Lights in Stockholm this time of the year you need a lot of imagination and probably a camera since seeing them with your bare eyes is even more difficult. You also need to prepare with lot’s of warm clothes and preferably some hot drinks during winter time and most of all, a lot of patience.

Aurora Borealis norrsken Stockholm

Check the Northern Lights forecast, also called Norrsken or Aurora Borealis in Sweden and head out whenever there might be a light show reaching Stockholm city.

Usually the best show is only a couple of minutes and very easy to miss unless you are constantly watching the sky. So you might be out in the night for hours only to experience a few minutes of a good natural phenomena show. But if you are a lover of Northern Lights it’s definitely worth it.

The waiting time, although cold is part of the experience. With some good friends it’s even fun. So let’s go Northern Lights hunting next time you are in Stockholm during the darker times of the year.


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