Moral scandal again in Sweden – Nobel and the Swedish Academy

All of Sweden and many countries are now talking about the scandals that involve the Swedish academy and the Nobel foundation and also the Royal house, the King of Sweden.

It has proceeded from being a dirty story about one of the academy’s members husband involved in sex crimes, financial irregularities and leaked information about the winner of the Nobel prize several times, to become a story about relics from old times where certain people feel above the society as a whole and protect their secrets and privileges more vividly than to honor the law and transparency. His wife reluctantly agreed to withdraw from the academy’s activities.

The academy was recommended to file a police report, but did not take such action instead saying that their internal affairs are secret and should not be know by the public.

An editor at Dagens Nyheter, said of the scandal: “This is a complete and utter tragedy for cultural life in Sweden.” “The public’s trust for the academy is perhaps below rock bottom.”

The NY Times said “In the Nobel Scandal, a man is accused of sexual misconduct. A woman takes the fall.” which pretty well sums up the situation where the past rears it ugly head right in our modern society where the fight for equality between genders is constantly fought.

The first woman to lead the academy that also awards the Nobel Prize in Literature was forced out this week in a last vain attempt by old fashioned men to restore everything to what is was before the public learned about all misdoings. The Swedish academy has probably lost all it’s respect and is now seen as a playground for brothers in crime.

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