Midsummer in Sweden 2023

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Midsummer in Sweden 2023

The top destinations for celebrating Midsummer in Sweden are Leksand, Dalarna or Skansen, Stockholm. This year midsummer is celebrated on the 23/6.

In Dalarna, Midsummer is the big thing. The midsummer celebration is celebrated in a very traditional way in most places. But you will need a car to reach most of them. Leksand is the main place and then there are a multitude of smaller celebrations around the area.

At Skansen right in the middle of Stockholm you can get a glimpse of what a traditional celebration looks like. But be aware, it’s usually crowded.

Skansen has been celebrating Midsummer since 1892 and nowadays the festivities last up to three days, from 23 to 25 June. There will be dancing and traditional games around the midsummer pole and Skansen’s folk dance team will lead the festivities. Lot’s of food, drink and handicrafts are for sale, and during the evening more modern dances keeps you from going home to early.

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