Mid Summer in the City

Stockholm midsummer

Mid Summer in the City

Still stuck in the city but would like to celebrate Midsummer?

Here are the last minute places you can visit. It will be crowded so get there in time!


10.00 Tie Midsummer wreaths. 14.00 raising of the Midsummer pole.
Time: 10.00-22-00
Classic celebration, music. Dancing, playing and fun is promised!


Mosebacke terrace, Mosebacke Torg
Time: 12.00
This is happening: Midsummer celebration on the Mosebacke terrace. Small frogs, The fox runs across the ice and other classic midsummer songs. Everyone is welcome – children, pensioners, cats and dogs. Lot’s of singing and dancing around the midsummer pole.


Plats: Vasaparken
Time: June 22 Between 09-16
This is happening: Here, the midsummer celebration kicks off a day earlier, 22/6. Musical performance, traditional dancing around the midsummer pole, salsa dancing with a subsequent workshop and a DJ on site.

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