Lucia at Skansen Christmas in Stockholm

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On the 13th of December you should try to get a glimpse of the Lucia tradition where girls and boys march and sing with candles.

If you are a Nobel prize winner you will be woken up by a nice Lucia caravan but otherwise try to find it somewhere by yourself.

One such place is Skansen outdoor museum. On Nov 29, Skansen opens the doors for the Christmas traditions.

Enjoy full Christmas decorations, eat Christmas food, dance around the Christmas trees and find souvenirs at the local Christmas market.

There is Advent music in the Seglora church and you should of course eat saffron buns together with some mulled wine.

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Open for Christmas, 29 nov 2014 – 6 jan 2015. Don’t miss the free entrance on dec 24.

When: Lucia Day, Dec 13th. Lucia events at Skansen extend to 14th December.
Where: Skansen Open-Air Museum at Djurgården. Trains/trams runs fron Kungsträdgården in the center of Stockholm.

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