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duolingo stockholm today

When you travel a lot it’s good to learn a new language. Usually it’s more fun if you can speak at least a few words of the local language. In Sweden almost everybody speak English so it is very easy to travel in Sweden even if you know only a basic English vocabulary.

How about learning Swedish? There are a few free courses on the internet, see links below.

duolingo stockholm today

Soon the best free app for learning languages, Duolingo will have a Swedish course. You could also use Duolingo to learn English or Danish until Swedish is available as Danish is one of the very similar Scandinavian languages. People in Denmark, Norway and Sweden understand each others language quite good.

Duolingo is a free and fun language training software that works by using peoples answers to automatically translate the internet at the same time as students learn a new language. A pretty clever and fantastic idea!


Duolingo.com Learn many languages for free

Learn Swedish for free

SFI Swedish for immigrants

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