Hotel Stockholm

grand hotel stockholm today

grand hotel stockholm today

Our 3 best tips for hotel in Stockholm

The best hotels in Stockholm aren’t where you think they are. Here are our 3 best tips for your next accommodation when visiting Stockholm.

1. Airbnb
2. Hostels
3. Hotel

Why Airbnb? – Great chance to live like a local

Let’s take a look at some of their current places to rent in Stockholm. Fantastic places that will make you feel right at home as a local in Stockholm. Unless you have unlimited funds and really are after the luxury that can be found in a good hotel these are the best options.
Olas place
Olgas place
Annas place
Tinas place

Hostels in Stockholm – the one and only we recommend

There are so many both cheap and better quality but the most beautiful is the ship af Chapman. It must be a dream come true to stay there at least one night.
Af Chapman

Hotels in Stockholm – our top 4 recommendations

Grand Hotel – Best and most luxury hotel in Stockholm. All prominent politicians and famous people like rock stars, movie stars stay here!

Lydmar Hotel – A great hotel next to Grand Hotel, more modern, well rated by guest and good on luxury too, a busy bar if you like meeting people

Stallmästaregården – Traditional old Swedish hotel in a natural setting just outside the city that will make you dream about the history of Stockholm!

Nordic Light Hotel – Modern design hotel just a few steps from the Central station and Arlanda Express. Convenient and beautifully modern.


These tips are of course just like the tip of an iceberg of accommodations in Stockholm but they are surely well worth checking out if you are heading for Sweden and Stockholm anytime soon. And while traveling you often need some good reads to kill time, why not read up on all the benefits of travelling as a major part of your life.



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