Flea market / swap market “bytesloppis”

Stockholm Skeppsholmen Skeppsholmskyrkan

Extend the life of your unused stuff. The flea market will change both seasoned vintage and newer things. All types of items are welcome, appliances, clothes, ornaments, toys.

With the Museum of Architecture’s 50th birthday Arkitekturmuseet organizes a swap flea market inspired by the swap shops.

Here’s how: Take with you some things you do not need anymore. Everything is divided into three categories: good, better and best. For each item, you get a ticket that can be used to swap corresponding labeled items. A best-ticket can be used for both good and better-things, but a good ticket can only be redeemed for a good thing item.

Swapping clothes and buying second hand is becoming increasingly popular and represent a big win for the environment. With a swap flea market, there will be a exciting possibility for sustainability.

Where: Arkitekturmuseet on the beautiful Skeppsholmen
When: Saturday 10 november 2012
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
More info: ArkitekturmuseetStockholm Skeppsholmen Skeppsholmskyrkan

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