Expensive hotels in Stockholm – Taylor Swift effect

Taylor concert fantasy

Expensive hotels in Stockholm – Taylor Swift effect

In May, 120,000 travellers are expected to come to Stockholm, according to estimates. Why? Because of Taylor Swift 🙂

Taylor Swift visits Stockholm and gives three concerts during the 17th, 18th and 19th of May.

Where will all the fans stay? There are about 40,000 hotel rooms in total in Stockholm and that will not be enough. It will probably be a happy record weekend for the hotel industry. But a tough weekend for anyone who is looking for a place to stay. Taylor is probably staying at the Grand Hotel as most stars do.

There are 50,000 seats each evening in the Friends Arena north of Stockholm. Totalling about 150,000 tickets that sold out in three hours during the ticket release last summer! Guess you could say that she is popular!

Her fans are about 45 % millennials, same as 34 year old Taylor herself, about 20 % are Gen X and 25 % are Boomers, at least according to a 2023 survey. This means nearly half of all her millions of fans would be over the age of 45!

Prices for the city’s hotel rooms has been raised for the weekend in May which is something the fans and other Stockholm tourists will notice as they try to book a room.

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