Everyday life in sweden

Everyday life in sweden

We eat a lot of meatballs

But the Swedish ones are the best, especially at the specialized restaurant Meatballs for the People!

There are rules for the Smörgåsbord

There are rules about how you eat herring and what bread you use for prawns and salmon. And also at what point you start singing and cheering with vodka.

How to butter your bread.

Crispbreads have a bubbly side and a flat side. The flat side is for every day, the bubbly side is for Sundays. Some people disagree, so there are no hard rules and as health is important, we recommend the flat side!

The queuing system

In most shops in Sweden there are little queuing ticket machines.  Take a number as you enter and wait for your turn. You never should cheat. Swedes like orderly queues, so this helps us. At bus stops there are no ticket machines, tickets have to be bought in advance and it is your job to remember at what point you turned up. This can be stressful.

The Scandinavian fashion look

Swedish: Blond hair and if you’re a guy, grow a beard. If you’re a girl, get yourself skinny white jeans and white converse all stars. Viking Beard can be an option here.

Danish: Trendy, trendy, if you own anything that is not black, you can get rid of it. Probably never need it again. Dye your hair blond and wear it in a messy setup if a girl – or well cut modern style if you’re a guy.

Norway: Have a beard, eat the famous brown cheese, have a backpack stuffed with a sandwich plus a Kvikklunsj and oranges.

And don’t forget to get the most swedish Fjällräven backpack.

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