Crayfish Party in Stockholm

crayfish stockholm

You are in Stockholm in August? You feel a strong urge to go to a crayfish party? So the big question you might ask yourself is, where can you find one?

Look no further, there is a crayfish party at restaurant Tennstopet and it’s the full package, crayfish of course but also silly hats, strong cheese, hard bread and the lot. You can probably buy a snaps too if you hand a little cash to the bartender!

When: August 19 – Sunday, August 25
Where: Dalagatan 50 , Stockholm
Phone: 08-322518
Price: 395 SEK or 495 SEK /person
Best is to book the crayfish party, the party that besides the food contains even silly hats, can be booked for two or more people.

Standard size is 395 SEK per person, major party size is 495 SEK and has some extras as crayfish soup, steak with butter-fried mushrooms and creme brûlée.

Skål! Helan går, sjung hopp fallera fallerej…


crayfish stockholm


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