Cost of living in Sweden

cost of living stockholm

The high cost of living in Sweden 2015 based on Stockholm

Note that prices may vary over the year


Average monthly rental of two bedroom apartment in city SEK 12,500
Two bedroom apartment outside city SEK 7,500
Good 3-star hotel – 700 SEK/night

Food and drink

Milk (1 litre) SEK 10
Cheese (500g) SEK 50
Rice (1kg) SEK 25
Packet of cigarettes (Marlboro) SEK 60

Public transportation

City bus & train fare 75min SEK 36
3 day city card free travels SEK 230
30 day city card free travels SEK 790
Taxi rate per km SEK 12 (Arlanda-City 550 SEK)

Eating out
Big Mac Meal SEK 65
Coca Cola (small) SEK 20
Cappuccino SEK 35
Bottle of beer SEK 50
Three course meal at a mid class restaurant SEK 350 (not including drinks)


Internet broadband per month SEK 350
Electricity (average per month) SEK 1,200

cost of living stockholm

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