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Hot in Stockholm!

OK, for all you guys coming from southern places, 28 degrees might not sound like much but in Stockholm it’s HOT! And this is the forecast for Thursday 29 th of June. During this Thursday you will probably find all Stockholm people by the water and going for a swim too. Join them for a […]

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Bikes and scooters in Stockholm, where are they?

Have you been looking for a scooter or a bike in Stockholm, and not found one? Where are they? Well, one answer might be in the water. It seems some people think it’s fun to throw them into the water. Here the results of one early morning dive at Nybroviken. Quite a few bikes and […]

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A room with a view in Stockholm

Best view in Stockholm is cheap. Get on the hostel opposite of the City Hall and you wake up every moring with the best view in Stockholm.

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Autumn in Stockholm

Dress up with a warm sweater and get out into the autumn in Stockholm. It’s beautiful with all the water and autumn colors. Polish you mobile lens and get going.

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Stockholm Sweden National Day

In Sweden the celebrations for the National Day are very quiet and a bit reluctant, for Swedish people it’s almost a little scary to be proud over their country, what if we offend somebody when we say it’s great to be Swedish? Our neighbor country Norway is basically the opposite, National day on 17th of […]

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Best way to experience Stockholm

One of the best ways to experience Stockholm is from the water side. There are so many options to do this that you can pick and choose any way that will suit you the best. Here are our best tips for experiencing and getting to know Stockholm in the most beautiful, healthy and funny way. […]

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Swedish people are kind!

Here is an example of how much Swedish people love nature and the wild animals. A touching rescue scene from winter wonderland in Sweden. This Elk video is probably viral already!

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Swim in Stockholm city center

With summer there might be some warmer weather coming to Stockholm. Warm enough for a swim? It depends on your preferences but maybe we can get water temperatures that reach or even goes over 20 degrees. So, where is the best place to go for a swim in Stockholm? If you want to stay in […]

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Amazing Trail Stockholm

Why run in the city when you can run in one of the most beautiful nature spots in Stockholm! Join Amazing Trail on the 14th of June in Hellasgården! Run on a summer evening in one of Stockholm’s most beautiful natural areas! Tuesday, June 14, organized for the second year in a row, Addnature Amazing […]

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Gotland & Visby

Will you be visiting Stockholm? If you have the chance try to visit Gotland and the city of Visby. One of the nicest spots in Sweden! Visby is one of the oldest cities in Sweden and also a World Heritage with it’s fantastic wall surronding the inner city of old houses. As an island there […]

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