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Sweden corona policies – do as you like but keep the distance

Sweden has chosen to go it’s own way in the fight against the corona virus. Not a complete lock down with closed shops, restaurants and no expensive fines for going outside for leisure or shopping. People are asked to keep a safe distance, showing a responsibility for helping others not to catch the corona virus. […]

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stockholm city today autumn in the park

Autumn in Stockholm

Yes, autumn is in Stockholm with all the beautiful colors and fallen leaves that you can enjoy looking at, kick around, slip on or whatever you happen to be doing with them. This image is from the city center and the park Humlegården, one of Stockholm city most beautiful parks. Enjoy autumn in Stockholm because […]

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christmas market old town stockholm
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Christmas in Stockholm

Christmas in Stockholm can be very beautiful. Especially when Stockholm is covered with white snow. But so far there is no snow in sight so we have to enjoy Christmas anyway. One of the best places is the Christmas market in Old Town, Stockholm. It’s small but easy to access from anywhere in the city. […]

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fleamarket stockholm today södermalm SoFo
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flea market today

In Södermalm today there is a flea market at Katarina Bangata, starting from Skrapan, Götgatan and going along the alley of trees. A perfect day for strolling around and doing a bargain at the flea market in Stockholm!

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stockholm today solar eclipse
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Solar eclipse in Stockholm

Barely visible the solar ecplise could be enjoyed through a thick cover of snow filled clouds during the forenoon in Stockholm today. Even so, it was an event that made lot’s of people look up into the sky, great!

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stockholm today old town at night

Beautiful Stockholm at night

We all know that Stockholm is a beautiful city but certain times it’s more beautiful than other. This was such a an occasion, a warm august summer night in Stockholm with beautiful ships in the city harbor, a nice sky and lot’s of happy people out walking.

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stockholm today old cars cabriolet

Warm weather, remove you rooftop!

Stockholm is experiencing warm weather at last, if you are the happy owner of a cabriolet you are in luck now! This veteran car was seen during the last run of the veteran cars race in Stockholm city!

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cityloppisen stockholm today
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Stockholm city flea market

Do you like to make great finds? bargains? Then the flea markets should be your prefered destination! There is a city flea market in Stockholm at Drottninggatan 81, on of the most central locations you can have. It’s called Cityloppisen and is open Sundays between 11.00-16.00. Cityloppisen Drottninggatan 81 Stockholm T-bana: Hötorget, Rådmansgatan eller T-Centralen […]

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