Buying your own apartment in Stockholm

Thinking of buying an apartment in Stockholm?

 The Swedish real estate market has been a fantastic way to invest money during the last centuries. Signs are showing that there just might be a bubble economy around housing but so far things are business as usual.

Small apartments start at around 2 million SEK and reaches 6-7 million SEK for large nice ones. Unless you looking at Östermalm and big apartments where you should have room for more than 10 million SEK in your loan discussions or pockets.

Until now the process of getting loans have been very easy in Stockholm since the market has been on an never ending journey to higher prices. Bank have only been interested in how much money you earn each month and what expenses you have, that’s basically it.  Don’t forget to compare rates as Sweden now basically has a 0 interest rate between banks, a little higher for mortage loans.

gamla stan stockholm

Good luck and sweet dreams about you future Stockholm home!


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