Brutal robbery in Stockholm by young street kids

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Some of the biggest news in Stockholm this week has been the enormous IT-scandal that the office for transport has created. Serious classified information about Sweden and undercover agents has been leaked out on internet. There is talk about the government and if they can stay in power after this.

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Another headline story is about the robbery’s committed by young men and even children in Stockholm city. There are about 100000 people in Sweden’s largest cities who are so called paperless people. They are not identified, do not have any support from the welfare and are not legally in Sweden.

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Some of the ways paperless people sleep in Stockholm

The only way they can support themselves are through black market labour or crimes. It now seems that they are getting younger and younger. This weekend there were several brutal robbery’s by these gangs of kids from Morocco where the youngest member where only 9 years old.

The police often catch them but the social welfare system releases them or “lose” them meaning they roam the streets short after again. It is sad both for people who are robbed and for the kids that nobody makes a serious effort to help away from the sad life on the streets. Life is getting more complicated even in little Sweden as the world goes global.

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