Biggest Tantra festival in Sweden 2014

Tantra Festival Ängsbacka 2014

Tantra Festival Ängsbacka 2014

The biggest Tantra festival in Sweden is not in Stockholm but it’s very easy to get there by bus or train. It’s about 3 hours on the bus from Stockholm central station.

Everybody is welcome to a festival that will change the world according to Ängsbacka. Here are a few words from the festival programme:

The Tantra festival keeps on getting juicier and more powerful! This year’s theme is One Love, honoring the infinite and eternal power that unites us all. The great mysterious force of life and the reason that we are all here.

When we meditate upon love and we become one with love – life can change in the most profound ways. Love is healing and transformational — bringing us together in spite of our differences. Love embraces and accepts all, allowing us to experience life directly and authentically.

“I believe in a love revolution, so lets get together and learn how to love – unconditionally – as one!”
– Lin Ananda Holmquist


If you dont know what Tantra is here’s a short explanation

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an exploration that leads to freedom and enlightenment. There are thousands of techniques and methods to step out of your old patterns and discover the thoughts and behaviors that prevent you from seeing the truth. Your true self – is your enlightened self – and in the enlightened state, there is no separation between you and “others”. Tantra is a way to authentically engage with life in the present moment; moving towards living without anxiety, jealousy or being judgmental.

What can you expect at the festival?

This is a festival for those who want to experience presence, meditation and ecstasy within themselves and with others. We will create a safe space for those who want to explore Tantra and authenticity through sexuality, honesty and playfulness. We do this by emphasizing clear communication, creating appropriate boundaries, and respecting everyone’s freedom of choice.

Why only stay in Stockholm during your holiday, try something new in Sweden!

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  1. Only if I came across this post earlier – I would have been in Sweden in a flash!! I’ll be looking out for the festival next year 🙂

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