Best way to experience Stockholm

stockholm today rent kayak canoe

One of the best ways to experience Stockholm is from the water side. There are so many options to do this that you can pick and choose any way that will suit you the best. Here are our best tips for experiencing and getting to know Stockholm in the most beautiful, healthy and funny way.

Rent a canoe stockholm today rent canoe

You can find many places in Stockholm that are renting out canoes by the hour. The most conviniently placed one is at Djurgårdsbron. From here you can not only experience the most beautiful island and recreational area in Stockholm but you can also see and experiencing the most busy harbor entrance in Stockholm city.

Amphibian bus stockholm today ocean bus tour

Get on the amphibian bus called Ocean Bus that will take you on a unforgettable scenic tour both on land and in the waters surrounding Stockholm. This is almost a must if you have limited time in Stockholm and want to experience the best of both worlds. You can get on the bus at Kungsträdgården near the Opera house.

Get on a sightseeing boat stockholm today sightseeing boats

Close by, just in front of the Grand Hotel there are numerous boats going for sightseeing around Stockholm islands. One of the best tours are called “under the bridges”. This is a great option, especially if the weather is not perfect for being out and about all day.

Cheap but good stockholm today free ferry

If short of means you can also do nicely by just getting on one of Stockholms many ferries that commute back and forth between the city and a few suburbs. Many leave from Nybroplan where you also can get on the boats that will take you further out into the beautiful archipelago surrounding Stockholm. If you have the time this should not be missed. The cost for the ferries are included in the day pass for public transport.


So make sure to enjoy Stockholm by the water, this and the old beautiful houses makes Stockholm a very special city.


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