Best Taxi in Stockholm

taxi stockholm

How to get the best and safest Taxi in Stockholm?

There are hundreds of different taxi companies in Stockholm, from small one car companies to the biggest that have thousands of cars.

It’s not so easy to choose which brand of taxi to get if you are new to Stockholm. Ever since Stockholm took away many of the regulations for taxi cars there can be different price for the same trip depending on which company you choose. Luckily some of the larger taxi companies now use a fixed price which is very safe and good for the customer. You can check the price before deciding to take the taxi.

The tips you will get from most people when asked is to get a taxi from one of the well know, larger companies. This is definitely true. Later when you have been in Stockholm long enough to know you way around you might be able to find good taxis also from the smaller companies but as a newcomer in Stockholm, sticking to the major brands like these are your best bet for a pleasant and safe and reasonable priced taxi journey.

Most of these companies also have nice apps where you can order your taxi without waiting to get through on the phone.


Taxi Stockholm (One of the oldest and biggest taxi company in Stockholm.)

taxi stockholm


Taxi Kurir (Also big and good regarded taxi company)

taxi kurir


Taxi 020 (Yellow taxi car, you spot them easily and they are also a reliable taxi company)

taxi 020 in Stockholm



Uber prices in Stockholm are very similar to traditional taxis so there is basically no reason to use the service unless you are used to it from other places and find the app convinient. Price is similar or even higher during rush hour.


And don’t forget the new service called Bzzt
They consists of small electrical “pods” that take you anywhere in the city for a small sum of money!

bzzt pod taxi stockholm

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