Best Swedish Christmas food & tables

What is Swedish Christmas food? Well it consists of dishes that are mainly easy to store since in the old days there were no refrigerators, everything had to be stored and last during the long winter. Some meat and fish dishes could be fresh and hunted in time for the Christmas dinner.


Traditional dishes are Herrings, Meatballs, Jansson’s temptation, Lutfisk and hot glögg (spiced mulled wine). If you want to experience a traditional Swedish Christmas Julbord, the Christmas buffet, now is the time! You can find the so called Christmas tables basically everywhere but some restaurants are better than others.

Remember that the Christmas table is “eat as much as you can” so go there when you are hungry! Hurry up the best places quickly get fully booked since just about all companies in Sweden treat their employees to the Christmas tables

Classic places to enjoy your Christmas table:

Ulriksdals Wärdshus

Lasse Maja

Hotell Sheraton in Stockholm


Stortorgskällaren Old Town

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