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Stockholm’s Art Museums – The Modern Museum and Sven-Harrys Museum

Stockholm is not only known for historic architecture, bridges over troubled waters and an archipelago with thousands of islands. Here is also a vibrant art scene. Among our favourites are The Modern Museum (Moderna Museet) and Sven-Harrys Museum, one on a beautiful city island called Skeppsholmen, the other right in the city center.

The Modern Museum (Moderna Museet):

The Modern Museum, located on the island of Skeppsholmen, is the foundation of contemporary art in Stockholm. A striking architectural design, the museum itself is a work of art and offers beautiful views over the water from it’s cafe. Opened in 1958, The Modern Museum has consistently showcased cutting-edge Swedish and international contemporary art, making it a popular place for artists and art lovers alike.

The museum’s extensive collection features works by iconic artists such as Picasso, Dali, and Warhol, alongside an impressive array of contemporary Swedish artists on a diverse range of mediums, from paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations, provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of modern art.

The Modern Museum is also encouraging active observation and participation as a place for education and engagement. With workshops, lectures, and guided tours, the museum fosters a sense of community and a deeper understanding of contemporary art. Special events, film screenings, and live performances further contribute to the vibrant atmosphere within its walls.

Sven-Harrys Museum:

In contrast to The Modern Museum’s focus on contemporary art, Sven-Harrys Museum is a celebration of traditional and modern Swedish art. Nestled in the Vasastan district, this museum provides a unique blend of historical and contemporary perspectives.

Sven-Harrys Museum is housed in a beautiful neo-Renaissance building, designed by the famous architect Ferdinand Boberg. This museum is a work of art seamlessly integrating the old and the new. It has a traditional façade that gives way to modern gallery spaces, creating a visually interesting experience for visitors.

The museum primarily showcases the private collection of Sven-Harry Karlsson, a Swedish entrepreneur and art enthusiast. The collection contains centuries of art with works by Swedish Art masters such as Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson. It offers a thorough journey through Sweden’s artistic heritage.

Sven-Harrys museum’s commitment to cultural enrichment is also demonstrated with its program of concerts, lectures, and educational activities.

Check them out as the weather currently is to cold for enjoying simple walkabouts in the city.

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